Monday, August 20, 2007

Buddhist Temple

Yesterday a group of us went for a walk up to a Buddhist temple on the hill behind our neighborhood, which was so great! It was nice to get into the woods, although you could hear the freeway the whole time. It was about a mile and a half each way and the temple was beautiful! It's a fairly small complex with 2 temples and a library thing. But there's this Buddha carved into the rock that is really important, for some reason (At some point I should figure out what's so great about it, since I've seen it now!). It was cool to see the city skyline as well. Actually, we could only see part of the skyline because 1) the city is so huge, and 2) there's a mountain in the middle, so it's hard to see around it.

Another cool thing about the hike is that there are all these foxholes up there! I've included a picture. They look fairly maybe they've been used post-Korean-War! So if North Korea does attack, you'll know where to find me! :-)

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