Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Guam Pictures

A monument to American soldiers at Asan Beach, site of the American invasion of Gaum against the Japanese.
Me on Ritidian Beach.

One of the many Catholic cemetaries on the island.

Looking out over the Philippine Sea.

Some of the many varities of Spam available at KMart, including the Guam exclusive spicy Spam!

A tropical Thanksgiving

A Guamian Santa being drawn, not by a reindeer, but by a ox (I think that's what that is!).
A left-over Japanese gun from WWII.

Some rain clouds rolling in over the Philippine Sea.

A tropical Nativity scene.

This Thanksgiving I decided to spend the long weekend in the tropics, so I flew to Guam, in the Northern Marianas Islands. It's only a 4 hour flight and is one of the easiest trips I've ever taken! I rented a car and got to drive which was a lot of fun and spent the weekend. Guam's beaches are beautiful and so empty compared to Hawaii. I did some hiking and swimming, along with a lot of shopping, including at the world's largest K Mart! It was a great trip and I'm really glad I got the chance to go.