Monday, August 13, 2007

1st day of school

Today was the first day of school. I saw all of my classes today (that's the only time that will happen...otherwise I see 3 of my 6 classes per day) for 15 minutes, so that was just enough time to go over the syllabus and that was about it.

One of the other new teachers here, Heather, is doing a much better job than I am of taking pictures of the neighborhood and daily life here. To see them, go to and just imagine they came from my camera!

The picture I'm attaching to this posting is of Heather and I the day we got the pads for our mattresses. We're completely squashed in the car with 2 mattress pads on our laps, so we couldn't even see over them! It would be pretty uncomfortable at the best of times and when it's super hot and humid, it makes for a pretty sweaty trip home! But it was so worth bed is so comfortable!

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