Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Terry Fox Run

Hi all,

On the weekend of September 16th, I got to pretend like I was Canadian for the day! (I wish I was Canadian!). I participated in the Terry Fox 5K run or walk (I did the walk). I had heard a little bit of the Terry Fox story before, but he was this young Canadian guy who got bone cancer in his 20s and decided to run across Canada to raise awareness of cancer, even after he had a leg amputated due to the cancer. He died in 1981 without having made it across the country, so now Terry Fox runs are held to help raise money for cancer research.

The run was in an area of Seoul kind of far away from where I live near the Han River (that's about all I can tell you about it!). It was kind of weird to be around all those Westerners at once, although there were plenty of Koreans there as well. It seems like everytime I see a Westerner, I automatically assume I know who they are, since in my little neighborhood, that's just about the case! Even if I know right away I don't know them, there's always that little smile that passes between Westerners...except at Costco, because then it's all Westerners and we're all too busy shoppin' to smile at each other! Shopping at Costco is great because all the signs have English on them, so I can actually tell what I'm buying. Of course, there are a lot of things I'd love to try, but I don't want to have to buy 17 pounds of, but at least I can sort of recognize it if I see a smaller amount in the regular store.

For some reason, blogger isn't letting me upload any pictures right now, but I'll try again later.

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