Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break Pictures 1

Tinian was strongly affected by WWII, being taken over by the Japanese and then the Americans. There are still leftovers from the war on the island.
The Hinode American Memorial, which is believed to have been build by Americans to honor those who were killed in the battle for Tinian.

The sign for the NKK Shrine Trail. NKK is Nanyo Kohatsu Kaisha, the company that developed sugar plantations on Tinian in the prewar years. NKK also built the Shinto shrine, in the picture below.

The Old Japanese Communications Center: This building was used for inter-island communications during WWII.

For spring break I went to the Northern Mariana Islands, particularly Guam and Tinian. The islands are beautiful and I had a great time! My dad said he wanted lots of pictures, so here they are. All the information in the captions came from my Tinian map I got when I rented my car!

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