Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Korean Romeo or Juliet

In my freshmen class, I'm teaching Romeo and Juliet. To prepare, I had my students make a list of physical and personality traits they'd look for in their "perfect mate." Here are some of my favorite responses, in their own words:

Boys' Responses
  • Shorter than me--168-172 cm
  • Not obese
  • Someone who wouldn't only look at my looks
  • Not short hair
  • She must be pretty and have a balanced face
  • Not too picky when eating and good at cooking
  • Who is Korean
  • Long hair (passed their shoulders a bit)
  • Her job as a model
  • Has a mid-wealth family and parents are very nice
  • Good body (S line) and V-line for face
  • Small
  • Quiet, soft voice

Girls' Responses

  • Tall, over 180 cm
  • No double eye-lids
  • Double eye-lids
  • Thick grey eyebrows
  • Good at singing and dancing
  • Not watching nor wanting any other women
  • Read newspaper
  • No mama boy
  • Who laughs a lot (not too much)
  • Can't be my mate if he is bald or fat
  • No mean mother-in-law
  • I want him to be good looking, but not as much as so the other ladies would be drilling (I think she means drooling!) over him.
  • Someone who can shop with me
  • Who isn't Korean because of the traditions that are annoying for women
  • Who is Korean
  • He must be taller than me but not skinner (sp).
  • Should not be notorious
  • Has lots of money, is able to buy me a pink limo
  • Christian, although I'm athiest--Christians tend to drink/get wasted less
  • Likes the Rolling Stones

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