Monday, September 1, 2008


Korean fashion for women tends to veer towards the sparkly and glittery. As a result, a few years ago a tradition began among the SIS staff called Bedazzled. The ladies find the most Korean clothes we can, get as dazzling as possible, and head out on the town in Itaewon! (The guys go to this restaurant called Carne Station which is all you can eat and drink and then meet us in Itaewon...their event is called Hedazzled). Last year I didn't go, but this year I managed to cobble together an outfit and head out on the town. It turns out that the best place to find Bedazzled clothes is in subway stations, which is where I found my shirt for a well-worth-it 5,000 won ($5). Most of the clothes on the other women are from sidewalk vendors or subway shops as well, although Coleen (far left) made hers!

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