Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break--Kyoto

My DELICIOUS non-spicy, vegetarian, Indian meal in Kyoto!
The Golden Temple (Kinkaku-Ji). Originally built in 1397, rebuilt after being burned by a monk in the 1950s.
Daibutsu-den Hall, the largest wooden structure in the WORLD!!! It was rebuilt in 1709 and is only 2/3 its original size.

After 4 nights in Tokyo, we got on the train and went to Kyoto. Kyoto is the old capital of Japan and is famous for all its shrines. We spent 3 nights there. I hate to say it, but my favorite part was the amazing Indian food we had the first night was delicious!!!

We took a day trip around Kyoto and saw some of the main sights, including a palace where the floors are designed to squeak with even a little pressure, so that an intruder can't sneak in, and the squeaking sounds like birds, which is cool to hear! We also saw the Golden pavillion. Then we went to nearby Nara, which has the largest wooden structure in the world with this giant Buddha in it. The Buddha was amazing. Nara is also famous for having all these deer around (the guidebook says over 1200), so we got to pet some of them!

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