Friday, December 14, 2007

Egerton Cup

Me and Mimi, my principal's little dog, trying to stay warm!
One of the teams in their official Egerton Cup shirts.
The other team.
Pete and Jason watching the game.
The two teams after the game.

On Sunday, December 9th, there was a soccer game in honor of John. He was the varsity soccer coach. Our school just had a new soccer field built, so it was a fitting place to have it. Then we came back to the apartments and had a Thai food potluck and some people (not me!) drank car bombs (a shot of Jamison dropped into a glass of Guiness and chugged), which were John's favorite drink. Even though it was a Sunday night, some people (again, not me!) partied into the night, so Monday morning was tough for some folks! But it was a nice way to remember John.

I'm heading home in a week! I'm very excited to go back to the US and see everyone. There's also a lot of food I'm excited to eat while I'm home that I can't get here: a Burgerville cheeseburger, black beans, skim milk, good Mexican food, pastries, sourdough bread, regular Diet Coke...yummm!

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