Saturday, October 6, 2007


Last Monday, the 1st, was my 30th birthday! It was a little weird to celebrate my birthday half-way around the world from my family and friends, but it was a good birthday. I got packages from friends and family that I was able to open the day of and I think there's at least 1 more coming, so my birthday will be spread out for the next couple of weeks! I also got taken out to dinner twice, once for Vietnamese and once for Mexican. I found out about an actually good Mexican restaurant called Dos Tacos here in Seoul. The guy who started it apparently lived in LA for years, so he knows Mexican food. I had a potato burrito and a side of sliced avocado with a Corona and it was pretty good!

Here's a picture of me with a present from Abby, a Junior Mints lunch box filled with 30 little boxes of Junior Mints!

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Susan said...

Happy Birthday, though a little belated, Kate. You turned the longer in your twenties. I remember how bummed out you were when you turned 28. You crack me up. I just turned 61. Now does that make you feel young? You better not be crying about 30 young lady. Life is good and you are really celebrating it with this adventure. Congrats on your doing the Terry Fox run and for being so open to life's opportunities. Be well and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!