Monday, May 28, 2007

Slowly Getting Ready to Go

Hi all,

It's beautiful springtime in the Seattle area and plans are starting to really come together for Seoul. I'm officially leaving on August 1st. I've received photos of the type of apartment I'll be living in and have started re-reading (or, in some cases, reading for the first time!) the books I'll be teaching. I'm doing a lot of the oh-so-fun things, like figuring out how I'm going to move all my stuff over to Seoul. Most of my students now know that I'm leaving. Word got around fast amongst my juniors, but some of my seniors just found out on Friday. I'll definitely be sad to leave Kamiak, but it's time to try something new and different.

In one of those weird, small-world, type things, one of the teachers at SIS taught at a school that my current principal was the principal at before he came to Kamiak, and another teacher went to Willamette for his MAT (after I did).

Oh, another exciting thing is that I'm pretty sure I'm going to Hong Kong for my September break! I haven't bought a plane ticket yet, but I'm starting to look into hotels. That should be fun! Another exciting thing is that I think Abby and I will have a Southeast Asian Adventure this summer, traveling to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, and maybe a few other places along the way! I'm especially excited about hearing her whine about the heat for days on end (although I'll be doing plenty of whining myself, I'm sure!).

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